Polygonica Applications

Polygonica can be applied to multiple sectors; typical uses of Polygonica are within industries such as CAD/CAM/CAE, medical, 3D printing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D movies and gaming, geo-exploration, urban modelling and other 3D digital applications.

Polygonica Customers

Polygonica Software is globally recognised as a unique technology for fast and automatic polygon mesh processing.

See the wide range of industries and leading manufacturers using Polygonica’s libraries as their preferred technology.

Polygonica Blog

MecSoft Corp., developer of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions, a customer of MachineWorks…
Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Convergent Science is a leading developer of…
Shrink-wrapping is nominally the process of deflating a virtual balloon around a polygon mesh or point…

Polygonica Events

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