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Fast. Automatic. Robust.

Polygonica is a solid modelling software toolkit for processing polygon meshes
Solid HealingSolid HealingAutomatic closing and repair of solid models
Boolean OperationsBoolean OperationsFast performance
Solid SimplificationSolid SimplificationComplex algorithms simplifying large STL files
Solid OffsettingSolid OffsettingUnique Boolean engine creating a solid offset
Mesh ProcessingMesh ProcessingGeometry manipulation for 2D and 3D models
Where is Polygonica used?
CAD/CAM/CAE, CFD/FEA meshing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, 3D movies and gaming, geo-exploration, urban modelling and other 3D digital applications.
Why is it so fast
& robust?
Polygonica uses MachineWorks core technology which has been developed and successfully used in the CAD/CAM industry for nearly 20 years.
You will just press "print" & a 3D printer will print a 3D solid model.

Polygonica Vision

At MachineWorks we believe that the 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing processes will incorporate the necessary 3D software to produce a watertight file without the user even knowing about it.


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Moulding Expo 5-8th May 2015, Stuttgart, Germany
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